GAMA Enerji has been announced the preferred bidder for DISI-MUDAWARRA-AMMAN project.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has for the purposes of meeting the demand for water in the Amman region, announced in 2006 a tender for a BOO project.

The Project consists of extracting water from the underground reserves located in DISI, south of Jordan and to supply it through a 320 km long steel pipeline to Amman and storage facilities to be constructed in Amman, for a period of 25 years with a yearly capacity of 100 million cubic meters.

Following a total investment of $1 billion and an operation and maintenance of the facilities for 25 years, the project shall be transferred to the Kingdom of Jordan.

His Excellency Marouf Bakhit, Prime Minister of Jordan, announced to the news agencies that the Turkish company GAMA Energy A.Ş. had, through the competitive bidding process, won the tender against the Kuwaiti and Spanish-Italian consortium.

As a subsidiary of GAMA Holding A.Ş., GAMA Energy A.Ş. undertakes on behalf of GAMA all investments, contracting and management in water infrastructure and energy generation, transmission, distribution and wholesale activities within the GAMA Group.

The GAMA Group has previously carried out other projects in Jordan. In 1982-1983 GAMA undertook Ain Ghazal Sewage Treatment Project, between 1983 and 1986; the Khirbet Al Waste Water Stabilization Tanks Project in Samra, and the engineering, procurement and construction of the 300 MW Combined Cycle Samra power plant Project, which were successfully completed.