GAMA Trading & Tourism Inc.,won the tender for Turkey’s first Mobile Surgical Hospital Project.

GAMA Trading & Tourism Inc., has been awarded to realize first Mobile Hospital of Turkey from Ministry of Defence – Defense Industry Secretariat. Uniteam International company from Norway, who have experience in the field of Mobile Hospitals will support us in this project. Project period is 18,5 months and the project consist of two facilities “Surgical Field Hospital” and “Mobile First Aid Station”. Structure is made from aluminum and steel containers and inflatable tents. All the components of the system to be transported by tactical wheeled vehicles.

Surgical Field Hospital and Mobile First Aid Station:

Surgical Field Hospital with 30 Beds is a mobile hospital in where advanced surgical treatments, as regards to emergency, first aid, bleed stopping, life, member and organ saver, in war and peace, and in disasters, are implemented as well as patients and injured ones are traced in intensive care unit and discharge preparations are carried out. The Hospital is in modular structure and has a capacity to utilize performing concurrently minimum 2 operations, as well as 30 beds, excluding 6 intensive care beds. It is possible to increase capacity up to 66 beds. The System shall be designed as modular structure. Emergency service and Surgery Rooms of the Hospital will be functional maximum within 3 hours.

Mobile First Aid Station (MFAS):

Mobile First Aid Station, is the first aid centers in where triage treatment is made for patients and injured ones, applying necessary cures to lightly injured, walking wounded ones and be dispatched to the front thereafter, emergency first aid, advanced life support and bleed stopping surgery is applied as life saver to the seriously wounded ones and enabling the patients are quickly dispatched to the rear hospitals and consequent discharging preparations are performed for this intention. First Aid Station is in modular structure and has a capacity to utilize performing of concurrently 2 emergency treatments and operations as well as being able to apply care and treatment to total 20 patients as 6 intensive care and 14 bedfast cares. Triage tent and four dependant units of the First Aid Station will be functional maximum within 2 hours.