GAMA Holding hosted foreign press members at gala dinner for the press in 5th World Water Forum.

World Water Forum, which is arranged triennially by World Water Council with cooperation of authorities of the host country, was held from March 16th to 22nd 2009 in Istanbul with nearly 20,000 participants from 192 countries.

Gala Dinner for the press was given within 5th World Water Forum activities under sponsorship of GAMA Holding between 20:00-23:00 on Thursday evening at Suada (former Galatasaray Island) where foreign press members were hosted. Minister of Environment and Forestry Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu, Jordan Water Minister Mr. Raed Abou Saoud, Secretary General of the 5th World Water Forum Oktay Tabasaran, General Manager of Gama Enerji Arif Özozan representing Gama Holding and top level managers of Gama Energy attended to the dinner.

At the dinner, Minister of Environment and Forestry Mr. Eroğlu said that the forum had found a wider significance since Istanbul is a bridge between two continents. Jordan Water and Irrigation Minister Mr. Raed Abou Saoud provided information regarding the project executed by Gama Holding which includes work for bringing fresh water to cities in his country. Abu Saoud mentioned that he did not come only to attend the form and told that he would also discuss financial details regarding the project. Secretary General of the 5th World Water Forum Oktay Tabasaran thanked every contributor, stating that arrangement of the forum in Turkey had made them proud. General Manager of Gama Enerji Mr. Özozan provided information on the project carried out in Jordan and said, “Everything affecting water positively or negatively can be considered during work regarding water. A great variety of problems on water are experienced throughout the world. We also want to contribute in solution of these problems.”