Kazakhstan Kashagan Oil Project Tranche-3 agreement has been signed.

Kazakhstan Main Works Project – Oil Tranche-3 Extension The construction of the Oil Tranche-3 package of the Kashagan Petroleum Field Development Project in Kazakhstan has been ordered to the North Caspain Constructors (NCC) BV, in which Gama holds 50% of the shares, as an additional work to the ongoing Oil Tranche 1&2 Packages. The Addendum to the contract for the additional works was signed between NCC and AGIP KCO on 18.08.2009. According to the present bill of quantities, the total amount of the new package for Oil Tranche-3 adds up to 182 million USD. The construction will be executed by GATE, a subsidiary of Gama with 50 % share, and scheduled for completion by 30th of June, 2011.