GAMA Honorary Chairman Erol ÜÇER was rewarded Metu Outsanding Service Award.

GAMA Holding Honorary President Erol Üçer was deemed worthy of Outstanding Service Award at the ceremony organized for the 54th Foundation Anniversary of METU.

Every year METU Senate rewards the people who have achieved national and international success in the fields of science, technology and arts and significantly contributed to the development and modernization of the society. As a visionary leader in the foundation and development of GAMA Holding, which plays a significant role in the development of national economy with the projects it has completed in the sectors of construction, undertaking and energy and with innovations it has brought, Erol Üçer was rewarded by METU Senate this year for that he sets examples in the business world and has a reliable and notable personality, that he makes efforts to protect Turkish artistic values and to enhance our artistic life as an art-lover, that he gives a helping hand to vulnerable children and adolescents and he is a social leader continuously producing projects to improve opportunities of education for adolescents, that he supports METU and other educational institutions financially and morally, that he is a real philanthropist who generously shares his time and experience as well as his financial contribution and that he is role model with the awareness of social responsibility.

Üçer received his award from Rector Ahmet Acar and stated that this was the biggest award he has received throughout his life. Üçer mentioned that METU graduates were given priority in the first years of GAMA among engineer candidates and said “We have seen in the past years that we made the right decision, because those colleagues later on became our partners, our managers.” Moreover, Üçer emphasized that this award further increased his determination and courage to address problems in the field of education.