400 MW power plant completed by GAMA and GE in Russia has been brought into use.

400 MW combined cycle power plant, construction of which was initiated in Shatura in the eastern part of Moscow as a result of the agreement signed in July 2007 has been completed by GAMA and GE consortium and put into operation. The facility, which has been constructed on basis of turn key agreement, has contract value of 300 Million Euros. The facility is of vital importance as it will satisfy the energy need of Moscow region to an important degree; moreover, it is the first new capacity investment of E.ON group in Russia and the first EPC completed in Russia by a foreign group.

GE, the consortium partner, supplied technical equipments such as gas turbine, steam turbine, heat recovery boiler and GAMA Power Systems provided engineering of the power plant, supplied all of the equipments excluding main power supply, and completed construction of the whole facility, assembling works and other tasks before the due date.

GAMA Power Systems, which has taken part in construction works of 19,000MW power plant in total and has international experience in building power plants in EPC basis, is expected to complete 800 MW capacity power plant with approximate contract value of 600 Million Euros in Surgut province of Russia in the Siberia Region in 2011.

Chairman of GAMA Holding, Ergil Ersü stated that they are proud to see Shatura plant in operation and underlined that GAMA plays an important role in heavy industry of Russia. Ergil Ersü also added that figured iron and construction iron production capacity will reach up to 944 thousand tons after steel rolling plant project with contract value of 429 Million Dollars initiated in 2009 in Vyksa, Russia and Electrosteel Melting and Casting Complex project with contract value of 277 Million Dollars in Kaluga are completed.