The students of Ankara University GAMA Vocational School have successfully completed 2011-2012 academic year.

AÜ GAMA Vocational school bio-medical instrument technologies program students have completed their two month hospital internship program which will provide a significant competitive advantage to them after graduation. Most of our students will continue their internships in the same hospitals on their senior year, and some of them have already got job offers from the hospitals which they had their internships.

The success of our school, whose main purpose is to raise qualified labor force for medical instrumentation sector and provide employment after graduation, belongs to our managers, teachers and students.

The transfers from other vocational schools have filled the 30 students’ quota of AÜ GAMA Vocational school for the 2012-2013 academic years.
GAMA Education Foundation will continue its scholarships for the successful students of the school. On the other hand, GAMA Educational Foundation will also provide additional English language classes given by TÖMER. All students will have 6 hours basic and occupational English classes additional to their original curriculum which has 4 hours weekly English language class.

We believe the AÜ GAMA vocational school is a very good example for the cooperation of private sector-university, and our goal for our students is to reach world standards in their field of study.