904 MW Erzin Natural Gas Combined Cyle Plant completed by GAMA Güç Sistemleri Mühendislik ve Taahhüt A.Ş. (Power Systems) has engaged in commercial activity.

By using state-of-art technology, high efficiency and environmental awareness have been targeted in the 904 MW combined cycle power plant. The Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract was undertaken by GAMA Power Systems and GE Consortium and it has been foreseen that annually 6 billion 770 million kWh of electricity will be generated and 178.300 m3/h of natural gas will be consumed during 49 years.

The achievement of commercial operation of the Erzin power plant shall increase the 67 GW installed capacity of Turkey by 1,3 %, and it will contribute to modernization of the energy infrastructure. 904 MW energy shall be generated in the power plant which shall meet 2,6 % of electricity need of Turkey and it will be among the most efficient power plants in the region.