GAMA ENERJİ and AKUT Co-sign a New Corporate Social Responsibility Project.

GAMA Enerji and AKUT start a brand new project in order to give approximately 5000 students awareness of disasters in Artvin, Mersin, Manisa, İzmir and Çanakkale within the educational year of 2014 and 2015 in 33 educational institutions in total.

While GAMA Enerji is commissioning investments both in the country and abroad, the company accepts and declares to behave according to the “Equator Principles” that are the accepted rules of international institutions in social responsibility in project financing and managing environmental risks. GAMA Enerji both follows an environmentalist investment and administration policy and carries various corporate social responsibility projects with the awareness of corporate citizenship duties.

Within this framework, in order to contribute to form awareness of disasters and a culture of a safer life in a sustainable world in the students and schools that are located in the regions GAMA Enerji is investing, GAMA Enerji has started a brand new Corporate Social Responsibility Project with AKUT Search and Rescue Association.

In this project, it is aimed to give students precautions and information to keep the loses at minimum and to save lives in case of the most destructive disasters as earthquake, fire and flood with a theater play called “There is No Time to Waste” so that students will both spend good time and think.
The first phase of the project has been realized in Artvin, Murgul on 21-22 October with four plays including 500 students. Volunteers of AKUT, who are also professionals of theater, found answers to the questions regarding natural disasters with the students in “There is No Time to Waste”, which is an interactive play. The information given to students during the play has been reinforced with the Disaster Awareness and Precautions Guide Lines that is distributed to students with a bag after the play.