New Partner joining GAMA Holding

A share sale agreement was signed for the amendment of the partnership structure at GAMA, founded in 1959 and operating in the construction of power plants, industrial plants, factories, high buildings and infrastructure and owning Energy and Public-Private Partnership Hospital investments.

Stating that the sale agreement of the transfer of 10 percent share of GAMA Holding to Evren Ünver was signed and the legal application process would be started, Deputy Chairman and CEO of GAMA Holding Hakan Özman pointed out that they were pleased to realize this partnership. Declaring – they would step into a new 60-year period with a new partnership structure, Özman said, “Our partners have paved the way for GAMA, which has always been known for its successful achievements for more than half a century, so that its present partnership culture could grow stronger in the future. With our new partner Evren Ünver, we will continue to create value in our new projects and investments both in our country and international markets”.

Evren Ünver, who has significant experience in the finance and contracting sectors in particular, also stated that he was proud of becoming a partner of GAMA, a very remarkable name in the contracting and energy sectors, and was happy to be part of such an institutional structure. In his declaration, Ünver pointed out that he sincerely believed GAMA, which has always been reputable since the day it was established, would also achieve new successes by growing and strengthening in the future.