GAMA-ZOOMLION in The Finance Center

10 GAMA – ZOOMLION tower cranes are being used in the Financial Center, which is currently under construction in Ataşehir, Istanbul. Two of our tower cranes have a hook height of 240 meters and can reach up to 260 meters. Elevating masts of working machines, wall fasteners and safe walking platforms for the operator are produced in a GAMA factory in Ankara Sincan Organized Industrial Zone.

ECOWAS Economy and Turkey Business Forum GAMA

At the Turkey ECOWAS (The Economic Community of West African States) Economics and Business Forum which took place on the 23rd of February, GAMA Holding Business Development Director and Izmir Bayraklı and Kocaeli Integrated Urban Hospitals Board Member Yalcin Eligüzeloğlu was invited as the DEIK Public-Private-Cooperation Special Committee Member and gave a speech on financing and direct foreign investor perspective in PPP projects.

Construction works have begun for Turnkey 450 MW RADES-C Combined Cycle Power Plant in Tunisia

The Groundbreaking Ceremony hosted by the project owner STEG on February 22, 2018, was attended by General Director of GAMA Power Systems Mr. Ahmet Ligvani, Ambassador of Turkey to Tunisia, Mr. Ömer Faruk DOĞAN, STEG’s Board of Directors Members, JICA which provides the Project Finance, Japan Embassy, our employer Sumitomo Corporation Board of Directors Members and Consortium Leader MHPS Board of Directors Members. The project is planned to be completed in May 2020.

Clean Air Equliavent to 1,131,000 Trees

Due to GAMA Energy’s renewable energy investments, greenhouse gas emissions were decreased and was 226,200 tons in 2017. An equivalent contribution of 1.131.000 trees worth of clean air was provided for the environment.

3 Million Man-Hours

In the 1.800 MW ALBA PS5 Combined Cycle Power Plant Project, planned to be the largest and most efficient power plant in Bahrain, undertaken by the GE-GAMA consortium, 3,000,000 man-hours without a lost-time injury has been reached, which is an important milestone. Our priority is occupational health and safety.

Support for The Local Workforce

Being aware of its responsibilities towards the community in the regions where it works, GAMA Industry contributes to the regions with the GAMA Training Centers it establishes for the training and certification of the local workforce. GAMA Industry, which supports the employment and career development of the local labor force with its education and certification programs, has trained and certified more than 1,000 welders and 1,500 borrowers to date.

First Pile Driving of RADES-C Combined Cycle Power Plant

In the 450 MW Rades-C Combined Cycle Power Plant project of GAMA Power Systems in Tunisia, the first pile driving took place on February 21, 2018 at the Electricity Building. As of January 31, 2018, precast pile concrete castings begun for the floor improvement process. Within the scope of the project, approximately 2500 pile production is planned. The piles will be 25 meters in length. You can watch the pile driving video from the link.

Objective in Health Campuses is 2020

You can read the interview of TEBA News with GAMA Holding Business Development Director and İzmir Bayraklı and Board of Directors of Kocaeli Integrated City Hospitals Yalçın Eligüzeloğlu about the projects of GAMA Holding-Türkerler Partnership KÖI Modeled İzmir Bayraklı and Kocaeli Integrated Health Campus Projects.

“The Kocaeli Integrated Health Campus will have a capacity of 1180 beds and The Izmir Integrated Health Campus will have a capacity of 2,060 beds, and a total construction area of 1 million m2. The total investment cost of the Hospitals, which will be completed on a turnkey basis and ready for operation in full, is around 1.2 billion Euros.