Tunisia Country Day and Cooperation Opportunities Event

On September 25, 2018 Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) organized an event “Tunusia Country Day and Business Opportunities” to promote business and cooperation opportunities in Tunusia, which is one of the countries in North Africa with a rapidly developing economy, and invited Alper Soylu, Vice General Manager of GAMA Power Systems, to give a speech. Mr. Soylu said: “We have not faced any difficulties in Tunisia. We have completed more than 300 projects in more than 40 countries to date. We started the project in August, about 20-25 kilometers away from the Tunisian capital, and we will have completed the first phase in June next year.”

Our Number of Students is 500

Our students studying at Ankara University GAMA Vocational School started in 2018-2019 academic year in October. 206 new students have registered this year in the alternative energy resources technology and biomedical equipment technology department. The number of students studying at our school was 500 this year. We wish our students success in the new school year.