2160 Beds Coming to Izmir 1080 Beds Coming to Kocaeli

GAMA Holding Business Development Director and Izmir and Kocaeli City Hospitals Projects Investment and Management Companies Board Member Yalçın Eligüzeloğlu’s April 2019 ‘Hospital Manager’ interview can be read from the link. “GAMA Holding, which has been building approximately 400 industrial plants, power plants, pipelines, tunnels and other infrastructure projects in more than 30 countries, is the main investor and contractor of PPP projects of GAMA Holding Izmir and Kocaeli City Hospitals.”

YAMAL LNG Work Completion Certificate

The construction of the Yamal LNG plant in the Arctic Region, the joint venture REGA JV, began in October 2015 under extraordinary circumstances. In 2019, our obligations regarding the production of Yamal LNG CW3P package have been completed in a timely, complete and high quality manner in order to meet the expectations of the employer and the plant is working with full capacity. As of the end of April 2019, with the completion of the demobilization of the construction site and the completion of other obligations in the coming months is expected to receive the “Work Completion” certificate.

Fundıng In Energy Markets

Tamer Çalışır, General Manager of GAMA Energy, shared information and HİS opinions on the financial situation in the energy sector in the ”Funding in Energy Markets” panel held within the scope of “ISTRADE 2019” Energy Trade and Supply Summit held on 29-30 April.

The Great Success Of Rades Project Team in Horizontal Drilling Works

GAMA Power Systems, which took part in the construction of the 450 MW Rades C Combined Cycle Power Plant Project, successfully completed the horizontal drilling and pipe work of the first tunnel line water intake from sea structure in April, 2019.

ASYA MTBM machine has successfully passed and delivered:
• Two main power lines that energize Tunisia,
• Tunisia’s gas pipeline,
• The highway leading to the center of Tunisia,
• The railway which is the only means of transportation to the harbour.

Safely Achieved 10 Million Man-Hours

The ALBA PS5 1.800 MW CCPP Project which is executed by GAMA Power Systems and GE Energy, has successfully and safely achieved 10 Million Man-hours without any Loss Time Incident (LTI). All eyes on safety.