Orçun Leblebici Attended To Security In Energy Industry Conference As a Keynote Speaker

GAMA Energy’s Asset Performance Director Orçun Leblebici attended G4S’s Security in Energy Industry Conference as a keynote speaker. Part of the panel focusing on the future of the energy industry, security risks of the powerplants and tech-supported integrated security solutions to minimize these risks, Leblebici discussed continuity in energy production, government stimulus packages for renewable energy, and the future of the industry in the light of increasing investments.

Occupational Health and Safety Seminar

GAMA Energy’s quality and Certification Director Yeşim Aştı gave a seminar on Basic Occupational Health and Safety to the students of Hacı Bayram Veli Fine Arts Faculty Visual Communication and Design department on 18 May 2021. Legislation requirements regarding occupational health and safety that await students when they start their own practice were discussed thoroughly. Mainly attended by 3rd and 4th year students, the seminar also hosted master and PhD students as well. In the Q&A session after the seminar, remote working models and their place in the future were discussed. After a very lively and productive seminar, AHBV University Rector Associate Professor Öztürk Göçmen presented a certificate of gratitude to Yeşim Aştı.

Gama Energy Montel Foreks Turkey Webinar

GAMA Energy Vice President Ahmet Burak Kadıoğlu attended Montel-Foreks’s webinar on Turkey’s energy industries as a keynote speaker on 29 April Thursday. Kadıoğlu discussed the remainder of 2021 and expected developments in the energy industries in 2022. In addition, he commented on the expected effects of the disruption in Turkey’s macroeconomic parameters on energy markets and prices. You can watch the recordings of Montel-Foreks’s webinar on Turkey’s energy industries here.

Gama Energy-Intes “100th anniversary of Investments on Water”

GAMA Energy’s Strategical Planning and Corporate Development Director Deniz Parlak commented on the technological, economic and structural status of the hydroelectric powerplants and irrigation investments in Turkey for 100th Anniversary of the Investments on Water edition of Turkey Construction Industrialists Employer Union’s periodical, Construction Industry-Human magazine. You can find Parlak’s published article that mentions the details of GAMA Energy’s hydroelectrical powerplant here.

GAMA Energy on Industry Line show

On 23 October Monday, GAM Energy Chair Tamer Çalışır was the guest of HT Industry Line show where he commented on how the change of exchange rates affected energy industries. Çalışır explained how they had been diligently working on the financial restructuring process of GAMA Energy’s Central Anatolia Natural Gas Combined Cycle Powerplant and been in touch with banks in order to complete this process in a swift manner. Çalışır also commented on YEKDEM’s announced resolutions and said: “Folllowing YEKDEM’s time extension, previously expected additional installed capacity of 2500 MW will raise to 3500 MW and this will offer a significant benefit to Turkey’s renewable energy production.”
Mentioning the effects of pandemic on energy industry, he also shared some information about rapid increase in energy consumption in October and made predictions about the last quarter of the year. You can view Çalışır’s interview in the link.