GAMA and GE commenced two power plants in one week.

Following Shatura Energy Power Plant being put into operation last week in Russia by GAMA and GE, the same consortium commenced 2 large energy power plants in one week by completing Whitegate Energy Power Plant in Ireland.

450 MW combined cycle energy power plant constructed by GAMA and GE consortium was put into operation in the city of Whitegate in the south of the second largest city of the Republic of Ireland, Cork. Whitegate Energy Power Plant was turned over to the only natural gas distributor and supplier of Ireland (and the project authority) Bord Gais Eirann at the ceremony participated by GAMA managers and Mr. Michael Martin, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Ireland.

Contract price of Whitegate Power Plant, initiated with the contract undersigned in August 2007 and constructed on turn-key basis, is about 300 million Euros and will also meet almost 10% of the energy requirement of the total installed power of Ireland.

Whitegate Power Plant is the first natural gas operated power plant of Bord Gais, which is also active in the field of power generation and distribution. Whitegate Power Plant was entitled to occupational safety award by Irish authorities as it was constructed in line with the highest occupational safety standards within the framework of European Union norms. With the commencement of Whitegate Power Plant, the fifth power plant completed by GAMA in Ireland, the power plants constructed by GAMA will meet 30% of the energy requirement of Ireland.

Speaking of commencement of completed Power Plant, Ergil Ersü, Chairman of the Executive Board of GAMA Holding, stated that there had been many undertakings completed by GAMA in Ireland, but Whitegate Power Plant is the largest project amongst them. Pointing to the fact that Gama has constructed projects of housing, highways, office buildings and power plants in Ireland, Ergil Ersü mentioned that the total installed power of GAMA was increased to 1.500 MW in Ireland, which is a popular country due to recent economic crisis.

While the consortium partner GE provided gas turbine, steam turbine and generator equipments of the main power block of the project, GAMA Power Systems provided services of construction and assembly of the power plant, engineering and provision of all equipments except for those of the main power block.