GAMA Energy on Industry Line show

On 23 October Monday, GAM Energy Chair Tamer Çalışır was the guest of HT Industry Line show where he commented on how the change of exchange rates affected energy industries. Çalışır explained how they had been diligently working on the financial restructuring process of GAMA Energy’s Central Anatolia Natural Gas Combined Cycle Powerplant and been in touch with banks in order to complete this process in a swift manner. Çalışır also commented on YEKDEM’s announced resolutions and said: “Folllowing YEKDEM’s time extension, previously expected additional installed capacity of 2500 MW will raise to 3500 MW and this will offer a significant benefit to Turkey’s renewable energy production.”
Mentioning the effects of pandemic on energy industry, he also shared some information about rapid increase in energy consumption in October and made predictions about the last quarter of the year. You can view Çalışır’s interview in the link.