SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Resource Planning project of GAMA Energy has completed it’s digital transformation journey.

In 2017, GAMA Energy began it’s search for enterprise resource planning software with the goal of managing business resources more efficiently and integrating business processes, as a result of evaluations, in the beginning of January 2018, it was decided to commence the project with SAP S / 4HANA, the latest enterprise resource planning software version of SAP. After successful project process which took 12 months with the intensive labour and efforts of the GAMA Energy project team and employees, the SAP Project was live in the first week of 2019.

Within the scope of the project, FI-Financial Accounting, SD-Sales and Distribution, MM-Material Management, CO-Cost Accounting and Control, BPC-Business Planning and Consolidation, HR-Human Resources, TRM-Treasury and Risk Management modules together with Sayax-SD , Maximo-MM integrations were activated.

With the implementation of the project, budget and financial consolidation, sales processes, HR, procurement and inventory management business processes of the group companies were carried out more efficiently.

SAP AnalyticsCloud Reporting Project

The SAP AnalyticsCloud project was launched in March 2019 with the transition to SAP S / 4HANA ERP application of the firm for the reporting, interpretation of data analysis, data analysis and decision support needs of management and business units. The project, which includes all business units, was successfully launched in October 2019 after a project calendar of approximately 7 months.

The cloud-based SAP AnalyticsCloud application, which provides management and business units with a reliable and healthy decision-making platform, can serve 24/7 via completely the cloud without the need for any fixed servers. SAP AnalyticsCloud enables data collection, reporting, visual presentations and dashboards from different sources as well as the HANA database that responds quickly to data processing and real-time analysis demands.

Within the scope of the project, reporting needs of GAMA Energy’s Trade, Production, Finance, Law, HR, Corporate Risk Management, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Procurement Business Units were realized.

The main contributions of SAP AnalyticsCloud to GAMA Energy can be listed as follows:

– To meet the reporting and data analysis needs of all business units, especially Trade, Production and Finance, at a low cost and from a single platform.

– Enterprise-wide data discovery, easy access to data, collaboration and effective visualization of data.

The project, which completed the energy market web service integration, aims to expand the reports and analysis on the energy market in the future.