Environmental Performance

GAMA Energy carries out its activities by prioritizing environmental and sustainability issues. In this respect, it prioritizes renewable energy production resources for clean and environmentally friendly energy production. By using renewable energy sources as raw material in seven of its eight plants, it reduces the carbon emission in energy production and plays an active role in combating climate change.

It complies with the Turkish Environmental Legislation and the sustainability and performance standards published by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which is among its partners, the Turkish Environmental Legislation, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) while carrying out its activities at its plants. GAMA Enerji conducts regular reports annually proving it has met international standards at its head office and power plants, and it passes the annual audits conducted by IFC and EBRD and independent organizations successfully.

With its ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, which it has established in its headquarters and power plants, it considers its activities in material procurement, production, product and service consumption processes in light of life cycle.Working to eliminate the environmental impacts and risks arising from our activities and turningthe environmental risks into opportunities. With the awareness of Environmental Consciousness, GAMA Energy is making efforts to use energy resources and materials efficiently to support sustainable resource utilization. Improving its recycling rates by taking measures to reduce waste generation and continuously measuring our environmental performance; GAMA strives to improve each year with setting new goals.

In order to maintain its activities with the ISO 50001 Energy Management System, which has established in headquarters and power plants, GAMA Energy evaluates the energy consumption and the efficiency of fossil fuels such as natural gas and diesel in a more effective way. It aims to continuously improve its systems by developing projects on increasing energy efficiency.

Carbon Certification

GAMA Enerji undertakes carbon certification and sales for its renewable energy investments. As a result of GAMA Enerji’s carbon certification efforts, the greenhouse gas savings achieved in 2018 was 186,600 tons which is equivalent to the clean air supply of 932.500 trees.

  • Lamas Hydroelectric Power Plant; 23,000 tons CO2, 115,000 trees
  • Çakırlar Hydroelectric Power Plant; 28,600 tons CO2, 143,000 trees
  • Sares Wind Farm; 56,800 tons CO2, 284,000 trees
  • Karadağ Wind Farm; 14,500 tons CO2, 72,500 trees
  • Gök Wind Farm; 63,600 tons CO2, 318,000 trees