QHSE and Investment Policy

We improve our activities each day by placing our principles at the core of our strategies. As GAMA , we aim to ensure accountability in terms of quality, environment, occupational health and safety by risk-based thinking and as a result predicting risks and opportunities, and providing continuous improvement. We share the following policies that we have determined according to these principles with all our stakeholders.

Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Our goal is to create value for all our stakeholders, maintain our position among the leading corporations in the sector both domestically and internationally and carry on our activities by continuously improving.

To reach this goal, we adhere to the following principles:

  • To ensure continuous satisfaction of our customers and other stakeholders,
  • To operate in accordance with contract requirements as well as relevant legislations and standards in force, and fulfill applicable requirements of related parties,
  • To use resources in the most efficient way with a sense of “Environmental Consciousness”  by encouraging sustainable utilization of resources, to protect the environment and prevent environmental pollution,
  • To operate in a way that ensures the health and safety of employees and prevents injuries and occupational diseases,
  • To continuously improve by implementing systematic and effective methods to increase the quality, health, safety and environmental  performances,
  • To operate in compliance with the Code of Conduct prepared in light of the “GAMA Values” and principles,
  • To ensure sharing of experiences and the continuity of organizational memory,
  • To preserve, enhance and ensure the sustainability of our corporation’s human resources, financial strength and accumulations.

In line with these principles, we aim to increase values added to society, eliminate conditions harmful to the environment and increase energy saving awareness. In addition, we are aware that the adoption and understanding of these principles by all our employees and stakeholders is the basis for achieving our goals.

Investment Policy

GAMA Energy pursues an environmentally conscious investment and operation policy by agreeing and declaring to act in compliance with “Equator Principles” both in domestic and overseas investments. Equator Principles are the principles adopted by the IFC (International Finance Corporation), which is the private sector branch of the World Bank, and therefore also by the finance sector, on managing social responsibility and environmental risk in project funding. GAMA Energy, adopting such principles, is committed to eliminating the adverse effects during the development, performance and operation phases of a project on the socio-economic and natural ecosystem and environment where the project is located, mitigating and/or remedying the effects which cannot be avoided.

Equator Principles:

  • Review and Categorization
  • Environmental and Social Assessment
  • Applicable Environmental and Social Standards
  • Environmental and Social Management System and Equator Principles Action Plan
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Grievance Mechanism
  • Independent Review
  • Covenants
  • Independent Monitoring and Reporting
  • Equator Principles Financial Institution (EPFI) Reporting and Transparency